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The information contained below contains the most up-to-date Forms that are published from Headquarters. The Forms on this page supersede all previous versions. Forms are in numeric and then alphabetical order.

Many forms are in PDF fillable format and can be saved, printed and emailed. Some forms contain Forms Directives that contain further instruction on how to correctly fill out the VDF Forms. For the Forms that do not have a Forms Directive means that the form is self-explanatory. If you do need the free Adobe Reader, you can access it here.

ALERT: Be sure to review PDF files in their entirety. There are some that are more than one page in length.

Official Forms

DMA Workmans Compensation (Line of Duty)

Virginia Defense Force Official Forms

Personnel Evaluation
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 623-3)
FEB 2016 Form 623-3
VDF Personnel Sign In Sheet
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
OCT 2017 Form 680-1-1
VDF Morning Report
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
OCT 2017 Form 680-1-2
VDF Consolidated Strength Report
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
JULY 2017 Form 680-1-3
VDF Alpha Roster
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
MAY 2015 Form 680-1-4
Alternative Training or Extra Hours Certification
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
JUL 2010 Form 680-1-5
Drill Attendance by Calendar Year
(Forms Directive — See Regulation VDFR 680-1)
MAY 2015 Form 680-1-6
VDF Personnel Action Request OCT 2016 Form 3R Forms Directive
VDF Parental Consent
(See VDF 601-210, Paragraph 2-3)
JUN 2010 Form 14-R
VDF Promotion Screen Board Report AUG 2010 Form 35R
VDF Form 600-90 Vehicle Classification Final AUG 2015 Form 600-90
VDF Identification Card Application
Email to:
AUG 2015 Form 600-8-14
VDF Id Card Video Tutorial DEC 2010 VIDEO
Virginia Defense Force Background Checks APR 2018 Form 380-67
Virginia Defense Force Oath for Officer JAN 2016 Form 601-100
Virginia Defense Force Oath for Enlisted JAN 2016 Form 601-210
VDF Out of State Employment Waiver JUL 2017 Form 601-210-1
VDF Career Developmental Counseling Form AUG 2011 Form 4856
VDF Memo Request for Placement on List Unorg Militia OCT 2016 Form 635-1-1
VDF Recommendation of Award of VDF Decoration JAN 2018 Form 638
Letter for Service, Training, Recruiting Awards NOV 2012 Form 638-B
Letter for MUCR NOV 2012 Form 638-C
VDF Virginia License Plate Application JUN 2010 Form 9
VDF After Action Review UNKNOWN? AAR Packet
VDF Decision Paper JUL 2010 Decision Paper
VDF Enlistment Application JUN 2010 Enlistment
VDF Information Paper UNKNOWN? Information Paper
VaNG JOC Serious Incident Report (SIR) Form (Blank)
                      Report to be sent to only the VDF G-3
AUG 2018 Form Blank 14AUG18
Chain of Command and Insignia of Rank FEB 2015 Form 624-1A
Military Customs and Courtesies SEP 2009 Form 624-1B
General and Special Orders SEP 2009 Form 624-1C
Hand Held Radio Operations SEP 2009 Form 624-1D
Close Order Dismounted Drill SEP 2009 Form 624-1E
Promotion Eligibility and Screening Report
(formerly 624-1X)
AUG 2015 Form 624-1-1

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DMA Workman’s Compensation (Line of Duty)

DMA Accident Report and Investigation Form
(Workman’s Comp. Form)
APR 2014 Example Fillable PDF


G-1 Directive on Workman’s Comp Form APR 2015 G-1 Directive Memo
DMA Accident Reporting Brochure APR 2015 Brochure