VDF Official Forms, Regulations, Pamphlets, and Policy Letters

The information provided on this page supersedes all previous versions of Forms, Regulations, Pamphlets, and Policy Letters.

In the table below are the most up-to-date Forms, Regulations, Pamphlets, and Policy Letters that are published from Headquarters.

Publication/Form Number designations are as follows:

  • VDFR = VDF Regulation
  • VDFP = VDF Pamphlet
  • VDF Form = VDF Form
  • VDF CPL = Command Policy Letter
  • TAG PL = TAG Policy Letter

Other designations may simply be the document name, such as DMA Workman’s Comp Form, since this is an outside form.

Most files are in PDF fillable format and can be saved, printed and emailed. Some forms contain Forms Directives that contain further instruction on how to correctly fill out the VDF Forms. For the Forms that do not have a Forms Directive means that the form is self-explanatory. Some files are in Word format that can also be downloaded. When a link is clicked to view a PDF file, you may be prompted to download the file to your computer in order to complete it. All forms are saved by their appropriate name so they can be easily found on your computer.

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When submitting a form, please save it with your last name added to the front of the filename. For example: Jones_Form 600-8-1.pdf

ALERT: Be sure to review PDF files in their entirety. There are some that are more than one page in length.

NOTE: As of August 2022, we are in the process of updating this page with the latest VDF forms, regulations, pamphlets and policy letters. VDF Regulation 600-10 supersedes all previously published regulations where applicable.

VDF Regulation 600-10: Administrative and Personnel Procedures in the Virginia Defense Force

Pub/Form NumberPub/Form DatePub/Form TitleDownloadable File(s)
VDF Regulation 600-10AUG 2022Administrative and Personnel Procedures in the Virginia Defense ForceVDFR 600-10
VDFR 600-10 Appendix AJUL 2022References, Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Office Codes VDFR 600-10 Appendix A
VDFR 600-10 Appendix BAUG 2022Accession of Unrestricted Line VDF PersonnelVDFR 600-10 Appendix B
VDFR 600-10 Appendix CAUG 2022Accession of Professional Branch VDF Personnel VDFR 600-10 Appendix C
VDFR 600-10 Appendix DAUG 2022Administration and Correspondence Standard Operating Procedures VDFR 600-10 Appendix D
VDFR 600-10 Appendix EAUG 2022Awards, Service Ribbons, and Skills Devices for VDF VDFR 600-10 Appendix E
VDFR 600-10 Appendix FAUG 2022Virginia Defense Force Background ChecksVDFR 600-10 Appendix F
VDFR 600-10 Appendix GAUG 2022Identification CardsVDFR 600-10 Appendix G
VDFR 600-10 Appendix HAUG 2022Personnel Evaluation Report and CounsellingVDFR 600-10 Appendix H
VDFR 600-10 Appendix IAUG 2022Personnel Assets Attendance and Unit Strength AccountingVDFR 600-10 Appendix I
VDFR 600-10 Appendix JAUG 2022Personnel BoardsVDFR 600-10 Appendix J
VDFR 600-10 Appendix KAUG 2022Pending final reviewPending final review
VDFR 600-10 Appendix LAUG 2022Personnel PromotionsVDFR 600-10 Appendix L
VDFR 600-10 Appendix MAUG 2022Personnel Records ManagementVDFR 600-10 Appendix M
VDFR 600-10 Appendix NAUG 2022Reductions (Voluntary)VDFR 600-10 Appendix N
VDFR 600-10 Appendix OAUG 2022Reserves VDFR 600-10 Appendix O
VDFR 600-10 Appendix PAUG 2022Separations, Retirement, and Placement on the Retired List of the Virginia Militia, UnorganizedVDFR 600-10 Appendix P
VDFR 600-10 Appendix QAUG 2022Uniforms and Insignia Wear and AppearanceVDFR 600-10 Appendix Q

VDF G4 Logistics Standard Operating Procedures

This Standard Operating Procedure and its enclosures outline Logistics responsibilities in the Virginia Defense Force to provide “hip pocket” formats for all major logistics actions leaders are likely to encounter.
Pub/Form NumberPub/Form DatePub/Form TitleDownloadable File(s)
VDF G4 Logistics Standard Operating ProcedureDEC 2021VDF G4 Logistics Standard Operating ProcedureVDF G4 Logistics SOP
Requisition Form 37-1JUN 2020Requisition Form 37-1Requisition Form 37-1
State Property Retrieval LetterState Property Retrieval LetterState Property Retrieval Letter
Form 3032 - Meal Sign In Sheet NOV 2021Form 3032 Meal Sign In Sheet Form 3032 Meal Sign In Sheet NOV 21
Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Accountability ProceduresNOV 2017Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Accountability ProceduresElectronic Equipment Maintenance and Accountability Procedures
Vehicle Use Checklist
Vehicle Use Checklist
Vehicle Use Checklist

Legacy Forms, Regulations, Pamphlets, and Policy Letters

Pub/Form NumberPub/Form DatePub/Form TitleDownloadable File(s)
VDFR 37-1 JAN 2014 Financial Operations and Procurement VDFR 37-1
VDFR 165-1AUG 2017Chaplain Corps ActivitiesVDFR 165-1
VDFR 385-10-1SEP 2014Safety ProgramVDFR-385-10-1
VDFP 385-10-1SEP 2014Safety Program (Associated Pamphlet)Pamphlet VDFP 385-10-1
VDFR 385-10-2SEP 2014Safety Program – Accident Investigation and ReportingVDFR-385-10-2
VDFR 385-10-3SEP 2014Safety Program – Public, Family, and Seasonal SafetyVDFR-385-10-3
VDFR 385-10-4SEP 2014Safety Program – Radiation Safety ManagementVDFR-385-10-4
VDFR 385-10-5SEP 2014Safety Program – Safety Award ProgramVDFR-385-10-5
VDFP 385-10-5SEP 2014Safety Program – Safety Award Program (Associated Pamphlet) VDFP_385-10-5
VDFR 385-10-6SEP 2014Safety Program – System Safety ManagementPosting Soon
VDFR 385-10-7SEP 2014Safety Program – Training Requirements.pdf
VDFP 385-10-7SEP 2014Safety Program – Training Requirements (Associated Pamphlet)VDFP_385-10-7
VDFR 385-10-8SEP 2014Safety Program – Motor Vehicle Accident PreventionVDFR-385-10-7
VDFR 385-10-9SEP 2014Safety Program – Sustaining PersonnelVDFR-385-10-9
VDFR 385-10-10SEP 2014Safety Program – Supporting the Home Station and Industrial BaseVDFR-385-10-10
VDFP 385-10-10SEP 2014Safety Program – Supporting the Home Station and Industrial Base (Associated Pamphlet)VDFP_385-10-10
Guidance MemorandaCan be found below under Virginia Defense Force G-1 Guidance MemosSearch G-1 Guidance Memos
VDF Enlistment ApplicationJUNE 2010VDF Enlistment ApplicationVDF Enlistment Application
VDF 3R FormOCT 2016Personnel Action RequestForm 3R
VDF 3R Form DirectiveJUNE 20103R Form DirectiveForm 3R Directive
VDF Form 14-R18 FEB 19Consent of Parent or GuardianVDF Form 14-R
VDFR 25-52SEP 2015Authorized AbbreviationsVDFR-25-52
VDFR 25-59DEC 2019Office SymbolsVDFR 25-29
VDFR 35RAUG 2010VDF Promotion Screen Board ReportVDF Form 35R
VDFR 140-1FEB 2017Reserve (Active Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve)VDFR-140-1
VDFR 380-67APR 2018VDF Background ChecksVDFR 380-67
VDF Form 380-67APR 2018VDF Background Check FormVDF Form 380-67
VDFR 600-8-4APR 2015Line of Duty: Policy, Procedures, and InvestigationsVDFR-600-8-4
DMA Workman’s Comp FormAPR 2015DMA Accident Report and Investigation Form (Blank – fillable) (Associated Form)DMA Accident Report and Investigation
DMA Workman’s Comp Form (Example)APR 2015DMA Accident Report and Investigation Form (Example)DMA Example Form
SIRAUG 2018Serious Incident ReportSerious Incident Report
VDFR 600-8-14DEC 2015Identification CardsVDFR 600-8-14
VDF Form 600-8-14VDF Identification Card (email to: idcards@vdf.virginia.gov) (Associated Form)VDF ID Card Application Form
VDFR 600-8-38DEC 2015Enlisted and Officer Reductions (Voluntary)VDFR 600-8-38
VDFR 600-8-104FEB 2017Military Human Resource Records ManagementVDFR 600-8-104
VDFR 600-9 XXX 2018Weight Management ProgramPosting Soon
VDFR 600-10OCT 2006Personnel and Administrative Procedures (Currently being phased out – see memo below for current status of VDFR 600-10)VDFR 600-10
G-1 Guidance Memo of XX XXX XXXX on Status of 600-10Posting Soon
VDFR 600-90NOV 2014Special Classification for VehicleVDFR 600-90
VDF Form 600-90AUG 2015Special Classification for Vehicle FormVDF Form 600-90
VDFR 601-100MAR 2022Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers (Supersedes the provisions of VDF Regulation 600-10, Chapter 2) VDFR 600-100
VDF Form 601-100OCT 2019VDF Oath for Officer (Associated Form)VDFR 601-100 Officer Oath
VDF Form 601-10115 JAN 2020VDF Professional Officer AppointmentsVDFR 601-101
VDFR 601-210JUL 2016Enlisted Personnel (Supersedes the provisions of VDF Regulation 600-10, Chapter 2)VDFR 601-210
VDF Form 601-210JAN 2016VDF Oath for Enlisted (Associated Form)VDFR 601-210 Enlisted Oath
VDF Form 601-210-1JUL 2017VDF Out of State Employment WaiverVDF Form 601-201-1
VDFR 623-3FEB 2016 Performance Evaluation System VDFR 623-3
VDF Form 623-3FEB 2016 rev. JAN 2022Personnel Evaluation (Associated Form)Form 623-3
VDFR 624-1MAR 2022Personnel PromotionsVDFR 624-1
VDF Form 624-1AFEB 2015Chain of Command and Insignia of Rank (Associated Form)VDFR 624-1 Appendix A
VDF Form 624-1BSEP 2009Military Customs and Courtesies (Associated Form)VDFR 624-1 Appendix B
VDF Form 624-1CSEP 2009General and Special Orders (Associated Form)VDFR 624-1 Appendix C
VDF Form 624-1DSEP 2009Hand Held Radio Operations (Associated Form)VDF Form 624-1D
VDF Form 624-1ESEP 2009Close Order Dismounted Drill (Associated Form)VDFR 624-1 Appendix D
VDF Form 624-1-1AUG 2015Promotion Eligibility and Screening Report (formerly 624-1X) (Associated Form)VDF Form 624-1-1
VDFR 635-1OCT 2016RetirementVDFR 635-1
VDF Form 635-1-1OCT 2016VDF Memo Request for Placement on List of the Virginia Unorganized Militia, Retired (Associated Form)VDF Form 635-1-1
VDFR 670-1FEB 2016Uniform RegulationVDFR 670-1
VDFR 600-8-22NOV 2017Award PolicyVDFR 600-8-22 Awards Regulation
VDF Form 638-RJUL 2016VDF Recommendation of Award of VDF Decoration (Associated Form)VDF Form 638-R
VDF Form 638-BNOV 2012Letter for Recommendation of Service, Training, Recruiting Awards (Associated Form)VDF Form 638-B
VDF Form 638-CMAY 2016Letter for Recommendation of Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon (MUCR) (Associated Form)VDF Form 638-C
VDFR 672-10NOV 2015Noncommissioned Officer of the Year VDFR 672-10
VDFR 680-1MAY 2015Personnel Assets Attendance and Unit Strength AccountingVDFR-680-1
VDF Form 680-1-1OCT 2017VDF Personnel Sign In Sheet (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-1
VDF Form 680-1-2OCT 2017VDF Morning Report (MR) (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-2
VDF Form 680-1-3OCT 2017VDF Consolidated Strength Report (CSR) (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-3
VDF Form 680-1-4OCT 2017VDF Alpha Roster (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-4
VDF Form 680-1-5JUL 2010Alternative Training or Extra Volunteer Hours Certification (ATEV) (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-5
VDF Form 680-1-6OCT 2017Drill Attendance by Calendar Year (Associated Form)VDF Form 680-1-6
VDF Form 9JAN 2019VDF License Plate AuthorizationVDF License Plate Authorization
VDFR 710-2OCT 2013Logistics ProceduresVDFR 710-2
VDF Form 710-2AMAR 2011FORM: Fixed Accounting and Control System (Associated Form)VDF Form 710-2A
VDF Form 710-2BMAR 2011FORM: Controlled Inventory of VDF Equipment Less Than $500.00 (Associated Form)VDF Form 710-2B
VDF Form 710-2A&BMAR 2011VDFR 710-2 (Appendix A & B) {Fillable FORM} (Associated Form)VDF Form 710-2 Appendix A and B
VDFR 710-2CJAN 1982Hand Receipts VDF Form 710-2C
VDF Form 710-2DOCT 2013(Associated Form) Individual Issued Uniforms / Equipment ReceiptVDFR 710-2D
VDF Form 710-2EDEC 2011Request for Issue or Turn-In **** Temporary Hand Receipt **** (Associated Form)VDF Form 710-2E
VDFR 710-2FAUG 2011Request for issue or Turn-In **** Multiple Item Request **** (Associated Form)VDF Form 710-2F
VDF-DMAHR-123-005JAN 2019Drivers License Policy and Vehicle Use Agreement Page 5, Attachment A MUST be completedDrivers License Policy and Form
DMAHR-123-012DEC 2017DMA Sexual Harassment PolicyDMAHR-123-012
VDF CPL 16-02 (Amended from 14-01)09 SEP 2016CPL16-02 (amended from 14-01) - Policy Letter Sexual Harrassment Rev 9_19_16VDF CPL 16-02
Guidance MemoAPR 2017G-1 Guidance Memo on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response G1 Guidance Memo
Training PresentationFEB 2017Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response PresentationTraining Presentation
Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response PresentationAPR 2017Sexual Harassment Policy Quiz – Units shall request the answer key from either the G-1 or the ACTDET.Quiz
VIRGINIA DEFENSE FORCE SAFETY POLICY (See Safety Regulations and associated pamphlets above)
VDFP 385-1JAN 2014Additional Duty Safety Off-NCO (1)VDFP 385-1
VDFP 385-3JUN 2013Severe Wx Safety GuidelinesVDFP 385-3
VDFP 385-4JUN 2013Thermal InjuriesVDFP 385-4
VDFP 385-10-1SEP 2014Safety ProgramVDFP 385-10-1
VDFP 385-10-5SEP 2014Safety Program – Safety Award ProgramVDFP 385-10-5
VDFP 385-10-7SEP 2014Safety Program – Training RequirementsVDFP 385-7
VDFP 385-10-10SEP 2014Safety Program – Supporting the Home Station and Industrial BaseVDFP 385-10-10
Policy Letters
DMAHR-123-012DEC 2017DMA Sexual Harassment PolicyDMAHR-123-012
VDF CPL 13-01JAN 2013VDF CP on Applicability of National Guard and Army regulations, publications, manuals, and pamphlets; US Codes as applicableVDF CPL 01-13
VDF CPL 15-0101 SEP 2015FirearmsVDF CPL 15-01
VDF CPL 18-0111 APR 2018CPL18-01 11APR18 - VDF Command Policy Letters No Longer in ForceVDF CPL 18-01
VDF CPL 18-0211 APR 2018CPL 18-02 11APR18 - Amateur Radio License TabsVDF CPL 18-02
VDF CPL 18-00327 NOV 2018CPL 18-003 Active Detachment ScheduleBeing Updated
VDF CPL 20-00107 JAN 2020CPL 20-001 Political Activities of Members of the Virginia Defense ForceCPL 20-001
VDF CPL 21-00124 FEB 2021CPL 21-001 - VDF Soldier Political Activities and Personal CommunicationsVDF CPL 21-001
VDF CPL 22-00103 JAN 2022CPL 22-001 CG Policy Letter 001-2022 VDF Command Policy on Conflict of Interest Policy and DisclosureCPL 22-001
MEMO - Awards08 FEB 2017Awards MemoAwards Memo
MEMO: Clarification06 AUG 2017Clarification of Prior Service Discharges Separations Requiring Waivers MemoClarification of Prior Service, Discharges, Separations
MEMO: G1 Change to VDFR 601-100-1-1119 JULY 2018G-1_Guidance Memo Change to VDFR601-100_1-11G1 Guidance Memo VDFR 601-100-1-11 Change
MEMO: G1 Guidance to Disposition of MHRRs22 APR 2018G-1 Guidance Memo Disposition of MHRRs for Separated VDF PersonnelG1 Guidance Memo on Disposition of MHHR
MEMO: G1 Promotion Order Authorization27 MAY 2016G-1 Memo on Promotion Order AuthorizationG1 Memo Promo Order Auth
MEMO: G1 Memo SAD Pay26 MAY 2016G1 Memo on SAD PayG1 Memo on SAD Pay
MEMO: VDF LeaveDEC 2016Memorandum on VDF LeaveMemo on VDF Leave
MEMO: PIO Wear Authorization19 JAN 2017Memorandum on PIO Wear AuthorizationMemo on PIO Wear Authorization
MEMO: Volunteer Hours02 JUL 2017Memorandum on VDF Volunteer Hours ReportingMemo on Volunteer Hours Reporting
MEMO: Continuous Background Checks12 FEB 2019Memorandum on VDF Continuous Background ChecksMemo Continuous Background Checks
CNGBI 5500.0115 JUN 2017National Guard Interaction with State Defense Forces (Chief National Guard Bureau Instruction – replaces National Guard Bureau Regulation 10-4) CNGBI 5500.01
Political Activities by Members of the Armed ForcesFEB 2008DoD Directive for Political Activities by Members of the Armed ForcesDoD Directive 1344.10
NCO and Petty OfficerCURRENTThe Noncommissioned Officer and Petty Officer - Backbone of the Armed ForcesNCO Backbone
The Armed Forces OfficerCURRENTThe Armed Forced OfficerArmed Forces Officer
2019 Commanders Legal Handbook20192019 Commanders Legal Handbook2019 Commanders Legal Handbook
TAG CPL 15-024NOV 2015State Active Duty (15-024)TAG PL 15-024
CPL 15-028DEC 2015Children and Animals in the WorkplaceCPL 15-028
TAG CPL 18-00412 JULY 2018CPL 18-004 Tobacco Use PolicyVA TAG Command Policy 18-004
VA CodeCURRENTCode of Virginia and Virginia Defense Force References VA Code Title 44
George J. Stein, State Defenses ForcesSEPT 1984George J. Stein. State Defense Forces: The Missing Link in National Security SDF Missin Link_Stein 1984
RPT 108-491NOV 2005House Armed Services Committee Report 108-491RPT 108-491