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Chaplain Training Information

Virginia Defense Force chaplains are professionally trained, ordained clergy members that are in good standing with their respective federally recognized ecclesiastical endorsing body, have served faithfully in ministry, and are able to provide for the free exercise of religion according to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by all VDF personnel and their families.


The objective of VDF chaplains is to provide religious support to the Virginia Defense Force across the full spectrum of its operations. The Chaplain Corps assists the commanding general and regimental commanders in ensuring the right to free exercise of religion and providing spiritual, moral and ethical leadership for, and in support of, the VDF, the Virginia Department of Military Affairs and civilians.


Chaplains in the VDF care for the spiritual well-being of VDF personnel, members of the Virginia Department of Military Affairs such as the Virginia National Guard and their families, and civilians in times of need. VDF chaplains are spiritual leaders, and they can be called upon to perform religious ceremonies for births and baptisms, confirmations and marriages, visiting the ill and performing the sacrament of the sick; and to provide spiritual support in time of crisis or disaster.

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Chaplain Corps Training Courses

Course Number and Link
(if applicable)
Course NameLOCCompletion Type
VDF-CH000Basic Chaplain Support ActivitiesWebsite Exam
VDF-CH001Unit Ministry Team LeadershipWebsite Exam
VDF-CH002Unit Ministry Team Ministry with Other ChaplainsWebsite Exam
VDF-CH003.1Military Funeral LabIn HousePaper
VDF-CH004QPR Suicide PreventionIn HousePaper
VDF-CH005VDF Chaplain Corps OrientationIn HouseN/A
VDF-CH006Religious Support and External Advisement WebsitePaper
VDF-CH007Religious Support to Funerals and Memorial Events WebsitePaper
VDF CH-020Psychological First Aid In HouseN/A
VDF-CH021Skills for Psychological Recovery In HouseN/A
VDF-CH022VA National Guard Regulations WebsiteStatement
VDF-CH023VDF Chaplain Corps Activities WebsiteStatement
VDF-CH008Religious Support and the Operations Process WebsitePaper
VDF-CH009Religious Support and Internal Advisement WebsitePaper
VDF-CH015Unit Ministry Team Supply Equipment Requirements WebsiteExam
VDF-CH-010Parrish DevelopmentWebsiteExam
VDF-CH011Setup for Religious Services in Garrison IWebsiteExam
VDF-CH012ical Setup for Religious Services in Garrison II WebsiteExam
VDF-CH012.1Physical Setup for Religious Services in Garrison II Lab In House Paper