Meet the VDF: Cpl. (Va.) Regina Harris-Goard

Cpl (Va.) Regina Harris-Goard assists a veteran at the Virginia World War I and World War II Commemoration Commission Tribute to Veterans Dec. 8, 2016, in Richmond, Virginia.

Meet Cpl (Va.) Regina Harris-Goard!

She serves as a Civil Support Security Team Leader in the Force Training Detachment, Support Operations Group. She joined the VDF seven years ago after seeing an information flyer.

“I wanted an opportunity to belong to an organization that helps people,” she said. “My father and my daughter both served in the U.S. Army, and I felt that I needed to do something for my country as well.”

Harris-Goard says she continues to serve in the VDF because she loves what she does and has “an awesome team.”

“I have the ability to establish and maintain good rapport with a wide variety of individuals at all levels in the organization, and I want to keep influencing people to be better by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to accomplish the missions and improving my status in the VDF.”

When she isn’t on duty with the VDF, Harris-Goard works for the Virginia Department of Corrections and is raising her 15-year-old grandson. She is a liaison representative for the Virginia Governmental Employees Association, an organization that advocates for better pay, benefits, workplace environments and retirement matters for the state employees. She graduated from the Drug Enforcement Agency Citizen Academy in 2018, and she has been a volunteer each year with the DEA in Richmond supporting its Drug Take Back events. She also graduated from the Farmville Citizen Police Academy in 2019 and has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with the concentration of Homeland Security.

Harris-Goard says serving in the VDF has helped her with working with people of diverse background, experiences, perspectives and varying abilities.

“My team can see the modeling respect and consideration I have for others when we dialogue,” she said.

Even though she has served in the VDF for seven years, Harris-Goard says she is still learning.

“I want to continue to give contributions with my professionalism, integrity, responsibility, perseverance and creativity,” she said. “I want to continue to help serve the Commonwealth to the best of my ability.”

Cpl (Va.) Regina Harris-Goard leads classroom instruction on gate sentry and access control in preparation for a practical exercise Sept. 28, 2019, at Fort Pickett, Virginia. The class is part of a multi-day training assembly focused on key VDF capabilities like security and interoperable communications.