VDF signal battalion conducts communication exercise

Virginia Defense Force personnel assigned to the Warrenton-based Echo Company, 11th Signal Battalion, 1st Regiment conduct a communication exercise March 5, 2022, in Warrenton, Virginia. VDF personnel used multiple systems in their Mobile Communication Platforms including high frequency radio and the Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System to communicate by voice with elements in Fairfax, Richmond and Lynchburg, as well as sending and receiving email messages over HF radio. The VDF MCP is a 7 1/2 feet by 16 feet trailer equipped with multiple radio systems for voice and data communications providing the capability to communicate across a variety of radio spectrums with emergency response and public safety organizations as well as amateur radio operators. Read more about VDF communication capabilities at https://ngpa.us/18633. Photos on Flickr at https://ngpa.us/18615.