VDF trains on Joint Incident Site Communications Capability

Virginia Defense Force personnel assigned to the Warrenton-based Echo Company, 11th Signal Battalion, 1st Regiment conduct training on the Joint Incident Site Communications Capability with the Virginia National Guard’s J6 Joint Communication Section March 5, 2022, at the VNG Headquarters at Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. As part of the training, Cpl. (Va.) Douglas Rumburg, Spc. (Va.) Jason Chan and Spc. (Va.) Ginger Gutting deployed and verified satellite connectivity required for the system to operate properly and also conducted function checks on the laptop computers included in the system. The JISCC provides an array of communications options including wireless and wired internet connectivity, radio connections for multiple frequencies, uplink to satellites, telephone service and many more communications capabilities. Read more about VDF communication capabilities at https://ngpa.us/18633. Photos on Flickr at https://ngpa.us/18616.