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The information contained in the table below contains the most up-to-date changes to Regulations, Memorandums, Policy Letters and References of the VDF. To open a file, simply click on the PDF icon to the left of the document.

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Virginia Defense Force Regulations

Height-Weight Requirements for Recruitment into the VDF DEC 2015 Height-Weight
Chief National Guard Bureau Instruction (replaces National Guard Bureau Regulation 10-4) JUN 2017 CNGBI
Authorized Abbreviations SEP 2015 VDFR 25-52
Office Symbols SEP 2017 VDFR 25-59
Financial Operations and Procurement JAN 2014 VDFR 37-1
Budget Planning and Programming JAN 2014 VDFR 37-2
Reserve (Active Ready, Standby Reserve, and Individual Ready Reserve) FEB 2017 VDFR 140-1
Chaplain Corps Activities AUG 2017 VDFR 165-1
Safety Program SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-1
Safety Program – Accident Investigation and Reporting SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-2
Safety Program – Public, Family, and Seasonal Safety SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-3
Safety Program – Radiation Safety Management SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-4
Safety Program – Safety Award Program SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-5
Safety Program – System Safety Management SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-6
Safety Program – Training Requirements SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-7
Safety Program – Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-8
Safety Program – Sustaining Personnel SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-9
Safety Program – Supporting the Home Station and Industrial Base SEP 2014 VDFR 385-10-10
Line of Duty Policy, Procedures, and Investigations APR 2015 VDFR 600-8-4
DMA Accident Report and Investigation Form (Connected with VDFR 600-8-4) APR 2015 Example
DMA Accident Report (Connected with VDFR 600-8-4) APR 2015 Report
Identification Cards DEC 2015 VDFR 600-8-14
Enlisted And Officer Reductions (Voluntary) DEC 2015 VDFR 600-8-38
Military Human Resource Records Management FEB 2017 VDFR 600-8-104
Personnel and Administrative Procedures OCT 2006 VDFR 600-10
Special Classification for Vehicle FINAL NOV 2014 VDFR 600-90
Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers (Supersedes the provisions of VDF Regulation 600-10, Chapter 2) JUL 2016 VDFR 601-100
Enlisted Personnel (Supersedes the provisions of VDF Regulation 600-10, Chapter 2) JUL 2016 VDFR 601-210
Performance Evaluation System (See Form 623-3) FEB 2016 VDFR 623-3
Personnel Promotions MAR 2016 VDFR 624-1
Chain of Command and Insignia of Rank FEB 2015 VDFR 624-1A
Military Customs and Courtesies SEP 2009 VDFR 624-1B
General and Special Orders SEP 2009 VDFR 624-1C
Hand Held Radio Operations SEP 2009 VDFR 624-1D
Close Order Dismounted Drill SEP 2009 VDFR 624-1E
Promotion Eligibility and Screening Report (formerly 624-1X) AUG 2015 Form 624-1-1
Retirement OCT 2016 VDFR 635-1
Uniform Regulation FEB 2016 VDFR 670-1
Awards Program (supersedes Award Policy 672-5 April 2013) NOV 2017 VDFR 600-8-22
Noncommissioned Officer of the Year NOV 2015 VDFR 672-10
Personnel Assets Attendance and Unit Strength Accounting MAY 2015 VDFR 680-1
Logistics Procedures OCT 2013 VDFR 710-2
FORM: Fixed Accounting and Control System MAR 2011 VDFR 710-2A
FORM: Controlled Inventory of VDF Equipment Less Than $500.00 MAR 2011 VDFR 710-2B
VDFR 710-2 (Appendix A & B) {Fillable FORM} MAR 2011 VDFR 710-2A&B
Hand Receipts JAN 1982 VDFR 710-2C
Individual Issued Uniforms / Equipment Receipt OCT 2013 VDFR 710-2D
Request for Issue or Turn-In **** Temporary Hand Receipt **** DEC 2011 VDFR 710-2E
Request for issue or Turn-In **** Multiple Item Request **** AUG 2011 VDFR 710-2F

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Virginia Defense Force Pamphlets

Additional Duty Safety Off-NCO (1) JAN 2014 VDFP 385-1
Severe Wx Safety Guidelines JUN 2013 VDFP 385-3
Thermal Injuries JUN 2013 VDFP 385-4
Safety Program SEP 2014 VDFP 385-10-1
Safety Program – Safety Award Program SEP 2014 VDFP 385-10-5
Safety Program – Training Requirements SEP 2014 VDFP 385-10-7
Safety Program – Supporting the Home Station and Industrial Base SEP 2014 VDFP 385-10-10

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Virginia Defense Force Memorandums

Personnel and Administrative Guidance for All Commands AUG 2014 G1 Memorandum

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TAG Command Policy

State Active Duty (15-024) NOV 2015 15-024

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Virginia Defense Force Policy Letters

All Policy Letters, 09-01 through 10-05, are contained in one PDF file. DEC 2011 LETTERS
Policy Letter 14-01 (amended to 16-02) – Policy Letter Sexual Harrassment Rev 9_19_16 SEP 2016 16-02
Policy Letter 14-02 SEP 2014 14-02
Policy Letter 15-01 SEP 2015 15-01
Policy Letter 16-01 JUN 2016 16-01

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Virginia Defense Force Memorandum

Summary of Discrimination Regulations and Application NOV 2016 Memo 1

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Virginia Defense Force Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Guidance APR 2017 PDF
Sexual Harassment Policy Quiz – Units shall request the answer key from either the G-1 or the ACTDET. APR 2017 Quiz
Command Policy Letter CG 0?-13 DEC 2013 0?-13
Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Presentation FEB 2017 PDF

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Virginia Defense Force Supporting Documents

Code of Virginia and Virginia Defense Force References CURRENT VA Code
House Armed Services Committee Report 108-491 NOV 2005 RPT 108-491
George J. Stein. State Defense Forces: The Missing Link in National Security SEP 1984 Report

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